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Leon Scott Kennedy (レオン・S・ケネディ Reon Sukotto Kenedi) is a fictional character in the Resident Evil horror media franchise by Capcom.

Leon debuted as one of the two protagonist player characters of the video game Resident Evil 2. He returned as the protagonist of Resident Evil 4 and is one of the three protagonists in Resident Evil 6. During the events of RE2, Leon is a police officer who arrives in Raccoon City late for his first day on the job, only to confront the T-virus outbreak first-hand. Six years later, in Resident Evil 4, Leon returns as a secret agent for the U.S. governmentassigned to rescue the President’s daughter. Leon also appears as a player character in several other video games and plays a leading role in the CG animated films Resident Evil: Degeneration and Resident Evil: Damnation.

Leon received mostly positive critical reception. The live-action film version of the character is portrayed by Johann Urb in Resident Evil: Retribution.


Leon Scott Kennedy (レオン・S・ケネディ Reon Sukotto Kenedi) es un personaje de la saga de videojuegos, películas y libros Resident Evil. Compañero de Claire Redfield(RE2), con una relaciòn complicada con Ada Wong y ex camarada de Jack Krauser, para luego León y Jack Krauser convertirse en rivales. Fue un policía novato de la R.P.D(RE2) y posteriormente se convirtió en un agente secreto(RE4) para el gobierno de los EE.UU. Ha pasado por muchas situaciones difíciles y por sus grandes esfuerzos es uno de los personajes más queridos de la saga Resident Evil.

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